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BLANK | Sunny Deol | Karan Kapadia | Trailer Reaction!

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Hello people IM jaebaek away joined by a Chara is a big lovely Kirk and we're looking at blank the trailer with sunny deol quran Kapadia Ishita Donna Karan vir Sharma and Jamil Khan comes up may 3rd it's directed by and written by behzod Khambatta so this has been highly requested we have a youtube description here it says a live.

Bomb a blank mind will terrorism win this time does that mean oh boy a blank mind ok well that's scary just from the little description there alone hmm so here we go let's check this out - gotta go tractor a sucker but you know America oh man that looks.

Real jaunty Ottoman a significant way to make up seafood salad yeah it's not bad Omaha compared with it opposition politician hey John I toss out the monism ugly guy Jelani updated.

ah is way way way intense yeah you know it's kind of fascinating because it's like if Jason Bourne was caught by police and four and he was bred by a terrorist organization and completely lost his memory that's what this feels like because he's a badass and he's fighting people but he doesn't know where that skills that comes from he.

Doesn't know what he's supposed to do he doesn't know where he comes where he came from and because he lost his memory it's almost like he was a reset to innocence yeah that's one of the most fascinating things for me let's say Charlie Manson or Adolf Hitler anybody's horrible right and let's say they lost their memory and you had them in custody in the.

Convenient and no but let's just say they genuinely lost their memory like they have zero recollection of any of the heinous acts they've done can you just let them reintroduce them into society you know because hey or just monitor doesn't put an ankle bracelet like you have no that's one of the most fascinating questions yeah big conundrum because they're literally not the same.

Person you are trying and imprisoning someone who it's he's taking the punishment for someone else's crimes but then the question is what if you know their memory comes back or even worse if you set the precedent where that's allowed then everyone could be trying to convince court that they lost their memory like oh I didn't murder all those people so you put a monitor on them what.

You talking about well guess where you keep a monitor you keep you know drawers can follow you now you just you can literally attach a you know program a Joe are joined to follow people you know what I'm saying I know it's a touchy it's a touchy subject because I'm sure anyone who had family who died in the Holocaust or who were victims of Charlie Manson they would be like no I want this.

Person punished mm no I get it I don't understand yeah but it's just an interesting conundrum because imagine if you had a computer like a robot right and it committed some kind of crime and then you just swap out the hard drive it's a different person altogether you know what I'm saying and so that's what's interesting to me here is because he is literally not the same for and.

Maybe over the course of the film it starts to come back to him and it's one of those things where he is mentally and physically a ticking time bomb it's hilarious in a way I mean in a cool way it's it's hilariously awesome because at any moment if you might come back and realize oh I know what my prop what my purpose is I want to kill you now yeah you know it's I would imagine.

That what goes wrong is they take him out to the desert to finish him out and he's supposed to get killed in to deal with his bomb because they can't remove it from his chest he's like Iron Man and then he realizes what's up cuz like he gets shot in the wrong spot he falls over he jogs his memory he's like oh oh I know what I'm supposed to do he you know hops in the car and starts heading.

Back to the city to kill a bunch people so you think that it's gonna come back and he's going to be the bad guy instead of like him realizing the error of his ways and maybe trying to help sunny deol and the rest of the police get the terrorists well if they're gonna go really psychological with that I think that Sunny Deol is gonna try to talk him off the ledge and try to bring him back.

And be like no no you're a good person remember that conversation we had cheese and wine come on that they had that conversation just judging from the trailer we had fondue it was fun please just remember the fondue was very cheesy fun time just like this scene oh no I really don't think I think the bomb is really interesting in this because when they said suicide bomber I thought it.

Was gonna be like you know just a bunch of duct tape and yeah and it's like no there's they've literally surgically put this bomb on him and connected it to his heart I love I love this idea I think this is such a dope idea it's so cool I mean just the fact that he's both mentally and physically a ticking time bomb right is so cool to me he's layered with all these uh skills.

That he doesn't know where they're coming from just like Jason Bourne he's gonna recall certain things here and there he has to confront that he has to wrestle with that because this new version of him is obviously innocent right nice and he has to deal with this person who's essentially you know a terrorist a criminal he's got a fight with that.

Because like Jason Bourne has done heinous acts in his own past this person has as well I mean supposedly he's got to deal with that I'm just just the process of dealing with that is crazy to think about yeah that's intense like when when you first read the YouTube description I was like a blank mind what is this some sort of mind game like in order to defuse the.

Bomb you have to blank your mind but watching the trailer I'm like oh that totally makes sense and that's such a unique idea for a story the way he took that hit that's what we like to say the way he took that el when he got hit by the van yeah I don't know how they did that I mean there were some trickery going on with the editing cuz it went black for a split second ha ha but it.

Looked real the way they did that it looked like he really took it I mean maybe it's just the way he sold it maybe he had some padding on or maybe it was sped up in post maybe it's just because the blanking of the black on top of the video it just felt more visceral more intense I felt that head I know I had a big reaction to that this guy harren Kapadia.

He looks so intense especially in that moment where he's walking in the corridor with the hoodie on I'm like wow he's looking like a real bad guy I'm noticing a lot of actors have been assistant directors hmm you know Vicki Cole you use it assistant director at one point maybe that's how they get their foot in the door is the assistant direct and then they become an actor.

Because they learn the process and they're like hey remember that time I helped you out with the directing can I be on that side of the camera yes audition yeah he's been a second unit director seven times Wow blank is his first movie that's awesome well done I wonder hold on this is gonna take a moment to figure out okay give me a.

Second this is directed by bizarre Khambatta it's also written by him okay bizarre Khambatta okay I'm going through all of Karanka adios film credits right now I just want to see it's gotta be somewhere here he had to have worked with this director but he works as Auliya Akhtar as a assistant director unluck by chance you work with money rotten um oh he's worked.

With some great time Robin on and then money rotten him again to Lush he worked with Rhema cocky acanti and then bar barred my guess was incorrect I thought surely he'd worked with his director before but no I guess it's just good know what I imagine is he sort of pulled a vehicle where he's like I'm gonna get as much experience on set as possible to really understand this thing and then.

I'm gonna go on audition and then he knocks it at the park yeah I understand what is it called the process the process yeah I would imagine that this is one of those things where suddenly he's an overnight success but he's probably been you know chipping away at it for a while auditioning for a while and finally finally he's gotten his breakout role yeah in blank what I feel.

Like everyone who is an overnight success there's always at least eight to ten years of hard work and preparation that went into becoming this overnight sensation we didn't talk about Sunny Deol at all he looks intense yes like completely by him as that you know hardened cop yeah I mean you can see his conviction it feels very real you guys thanks so much for hanging out with us.

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